Cell and Tissue Radiation Biology

Offered: Spring
Location: MGH - Mass. General Hospital (3)
Open to Exclerks:
Description: The course is designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts and advanced knowledge of the radiobiology of cultured cells and organized tissues as they are relevant to the radiation therapy of cancer. Discussion will begin with the physico-chemical aspects of energy absorption and continue with the sequence of events occurring on the molecular, cellular and organized tissue level. Other topics will include: radiation response and repair of eukaryotic cells related to radiation quality and dose rate, environmental conditions, molecular genetics and signal transduction, cell cycle kinetics, tumor and normal cell population dynamics, radiation-induced carcinogenesis and mutagenesis, tumor pathophysiology and radiobiology and recent developments in radiobiology and experimental radiation oncology. Students should obtain a good understanding of the current role of radiobiology in radiotherapeutic practice.