Homeostasis I

Credits: 0 CREDITS (2P+2B)
Director(s): Barbara Cockrill
Location: HMS - Harvard Medical School (0)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: Homeostasis I will focus on key concepts that are common to patients presenting with respiratory, cardiovascular and hematologic problems, and that are illustrative of principles that form the basis for the understanding of related conditions that are less prevalent. The common theme will be the support of aerobic metabolism via gas exchange, oxygen delivery and utilization. To support a pedagogical approach that emphasizes inductive reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving, the course content will emphasize a series of questions, the answers to which will require students to have not only factual knowledge but deeper understanding that will enable them to apply the information in a range of clinical contexts. Most of the teaching will be done in sections of 42 students using team-based learning. In addition, small group work independent of faculty will occur daily to consolidate learning from assignments and to facilitate peer instruction. Content will be integrated across organ systems to emphasize a holistic approach to health and disease. Two core faculty members will work with students in a longitudinal learning experience that will continue for the entire eight weeks of the course.