Developmental Pediatrics and Learning Disorders

Sites: CHMC
Director(s): Katherine O'Donnell, Leonard Rappaport, Laura Weissman
Prerequisites: HMS Principal Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent
Offered: Full time for one month. Not offered July and August.
Location: CHMC - Children's Hosp Medical Center (7)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: The Developmental Medicine Center provides evaluation and follow-up for children with developmental and behavioral concerns. It serves as both a fellow and residency training program and serves a wide variety of patient needs. This course will enable students to become familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of various developmental and behavioral disorders in children. They will learn about normal and abnormal development. They will be exposed to various clinical services that evaluate learning and behavioral issues in children, and will become familiar with diagnosis and treatment of specific disorders such as autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities, and become more familiar with general behavioral principals and specific developmental and behavioral issues including feeding, sleep and toileting. They will learn about developmental screening tools and their importance in the primary care setting. They will be introduced to specific developmental assessment techniques and to the relevant literature and research in the area child development. Students will participate in specialty clinics (i.e. ADHD, toilet school), multidisciplinary clinics (along with team conferences), general Developmental and Behavioral follow-up clinics as well as attend didactic sessions. Level of student involvement is dependent on the motivation of the student. There is no call requirement.
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
Students are provided with current resources related to developmental and behavioral pediatrics. They area also asked to pick an article or resource related to a topic of interest or related to a case to discuss with the faculty mentor on a weekly basis. Students are also strongly encouraged to reference the literature whenever applicable. Additionally, didactic lectures are based on the current science and evidence based medicine.
Grade Criteria:
Honors with Distinction: This is reserved for the student with the highest level of skills, interests and involvement. Honors: The student demonstrates exceptional skills, interests and involvement. Satisfactory: The student meets all basic requirements. Unsatisfactory: The student does not meet basic requirements and/or has significant deficits in the areas of concern.