Advanced Longitudinal Experience in the Crimson Care Collaborati

Director(s): Amy Weinstein
Prerequisites: Core I Medicine, PCC
Location: MULTI - Multi-site (J)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: This mandatory experience will advance upper level medical students� clinical, leadership and teaching skills by offering self-directed, independent, longitudinal learning. Students will practice in a longitudinal primary care setting and/or engage in running and improving a primary care practice. This experience provides a clinical home and close faculty mentorship, meeting important needs of advanced students. Students will choose the Clinical Track, Innovation Track or both. In the Clinical Track, students will function as independent primary care providers, using critical thinking skills to manage patients longitudinally, with close guidance from primary care preceptors. Students will play an integral role in diverse aspects of the primary care practice. They will be trained and responsible for educating students in early stages of medical and health professional school and for leading interprofessional health care teams. In addition, they will learn to address the impact of patients� social determinants of health and health disparities. Through our recently developed Patient Centered Medical Homes, students will gain an understanding of primary care transformation and healthcare systems. In the Innovation Track, there will be rich exposure to the challenges and opportunities in primary care and the ability to choose experiences in medical education, quality improvement, innovation, operations and/or research. Based on their curiosity, students will be challenged to develop a question-driven project to advance primary care, allowing self-directed learning. Students will share and learn from each other�s practice improvement projects, providing further depth of experience. Clinical Track: Participants will be expected to participate in 20 clinical sessions over the one-year longitudinal course. Students will develop and deliver 1-2 didactic teaching sessions on relevant primary care topics of their choice. Innovation Track: Students will develop and implement a question-driven advancement project tailored to individual interest. Both Tracks: Each student will have an assigned core preceptor to serve as a mentor.
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
Students will be required to use pathophysiology and critical thinking while providing high quality clinical care. Evidence-based medicine will be required when developing work-ups and management plans.
Grade Criteria:
Honors with Distinction: Students whose performance exceed expectations in most areas on the HMS evaluation form will received a Honors with Distinction.
Honors: Students whose performance is average to above average, but do not greatly exceed expectations on the HMS grading form will receive a
Satisfactory: Students whose performance is solid, but have not exceeded expectations in any way will receive a satisfactory.
Unsatisfactory: Students whose performance does not meet the standards of the HMS grading form or do not complete the required coursework will receive this grade.