Bone Marrow Transplant/Leukemia Unit

Sites: MGH
Director(s): Alberto Puig, Thomas Spitzer
Prerequisites: HMS Principal Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent
Offered: Full time every month.
Location: MGH - Mass. General Hospital (3)
Open to Exclerks: Yes (may be restricted for international students)
Description: Students may add themselves to the waiting list for this course during add/drop periods but not during lottery periods. Prior approval required, please email Dr. Spitzer; , forward approval to student will see patients with hematologic malignancies who are undergoing active treatment including but not limited to bone marrow transplantation in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. They will see and examine the patients, then discuss their impression and proposed plan of management with a supervising attending physician from the BMT/Leukemia Unit. The student will write histories and physical exams for new patients and progress notes for other patients, which will be reviewed by the attending physician. The student will also attend 2 multi-disciplinary team meetings per week at which time their patients will be discussed, and other lectures related to BMT and hematologic malignancies. The principles of chemotherapy for leukemia and related hematologic malignancies and the central immunologic principles of bone marrow transplantation will be discussed with the student, and written materials regarding these topics will be provided to the student. Formal feedback will be provided to the student at the end of the rotation.
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
The immunobiologic principles of bone marrow transplantation will be discussed at a weekly meeting with staff from the Transplant Biology Research Center. Written materials regarding the principles of BMT will also be provided to the student.
Grade Criteria:
Honors with Distinction:
Superior clinical judgement and reasoning skills and fund of knowledge. Outstanding interpersonal skills and teamwork
Excellent clinical skills, very motivated to learn, actively participates in rounds
Good clinical skills, motivated to learn, attends and participates in rounds, improvement of performance during the rotation
Clinical skills below that expected for a student at that level of training, insufficient improvement despite counselling