Clinical Infectious Disease and Microbiology

Sites: BWH
Director(s): Erik Alexander, Jacob Johnson
Prerequisites: HMS Principal Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent
Offered: Full time every month.
Location: BWH - Brigham and Women's Hospital (23)
Open to Exclerks: US/Canadian
Description: The course will provide students with experience in clinical Infectious Diseases. Students will evaluate patients with infectious diseases each day and discuss diagnosis and management with the attending physician and fellow on rounds. They will attend three weekly scheduled clinical conferences and a weekly teaching session in the microbiology laboratory. The course will emphasize the pathophysiology of infectious disease, differential diagnosis and principles of antimicrobial therapy. There will be an opportunity to see a broad spectrum of clinical problems including common community-acquired infections, AIDS, nosocomial infections and infections related to immunosuppression, surgery and pregnancy. Students with a special interest in infections of immunosuppressed patients with malignancies or receiving organ transplants may elect to spend the time with the infectious disease team responsible for these patients. Students will meet at least weekly with the course director to review the basics of antimicrobial therapy in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
Discussing basic science is a key component of one weekly conference, which all students attend.
Grade Criteria:
Honors with Distinction: N/A Honors: N/A Satisfactory: N/A Unsatisfactory: N/A