Clinical Infectious Disease

Sites: MTAH
Director(s): Robert Colgrove
Prerequisites: HMS Principle Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent
Offered: Full time every month
Location: MTAH - Mount Auburn Hospital (11)
Open to Exclerks: Yes (may be restricted for international students)
Description: This course will provide students with experience in clinical infectious diseases in an academic community hospital setting. Students will gain experience in the evaluation of patients presenting with a wide range of infectious issues, including community-acquired and nosocomial infections, travel-related infections and infections associated with immunosuppressed patients. This course will place emphasis on the approach to a patient presenting with an infectious issue, incorporating the associated epidemiology and host susceptibility in order to generate a differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Students will gain an understanding of the principles of antimicrobial therapy through patient based learning. Students will also have the opportunity to evaluate patients in the outpatient setting, including outpatient infectious diseases consultations as well as experience in the Travel Medicine Clinic. Students will carry out inpatient consultations under the direct supervision of attending infectious diseases physicians. Students will participate and be expected to give one presentation at the bi-weekly Infectious Diseases conference. Students will also meet at least weekly with the course director to review pertinent issues in clinical infectious diseases.
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
Basic Science and evidence-based medicine are discussed on daily attending rounds and applied to each individual patient. Basic science and evidence based medicine are also key components of the infectious diseases conferences, at which each student will give one presentation during the rotation incorporating clinical infectious disease and basic science to inform an evidence-based discussion of a topic of interest
Grade Criteria:
Honors with Distinction: Outstanding performance overall. Displays exemplary skills in the evaluation of a patient and the synthesis of all data to generate a succinct and thorough differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Note writing, patient communication, and presentations are of the highest quality. Oral presentation during infectious diseases conference is outstanding. Honors: Excellent performance. Displays strong skills in the evaluation of a patient and synthesis of available data. Honors students is able to generate an appropriate differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Note writing presentations, and communications with patients and other providers are excellent. Oral presentation during infectious diseases conference is excellent. Satisfactory: Carries out the clerkship requirements with an average performance. Skills in patient evaluation and differential diagnosis generation are acceptable. Gives an oral presentation, which is at the level expected for a fourth year medical student. Unsatisfactory: Does not carry out the clerkship requirements and frequently misses rounds. Displays well below average skills in patient evaluation, data synthesis, and generation of a differential diagnosis. Oral presentation if poor quality.