Digital Computer Applications in Patient Care

Sites: MGH
Director(s): Henry Chueh, Alberto Puig
Prerequisites: HMS Principal Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent
Offered: Full time for two consecutive months; three months is preferable.
Location: MGH - Mass. General Hospital (3)
Open to Exclerks: Yes (may be restricted for international students)
Description: Students may add themselves to the waiting list for this course during add/drop periods but not during lottery periods. Students will be involved in the development or implementation of a project involving the application of computers to patient care in one of the following areas: Web-based Knowledge Access; Computer-Based Medical Record System for Inpatient and Outpatient Practice; Application of Computers to Clinical Education; Web-based Computer-Based Physician Consultation and Guidance Systems, Information Technology for Clinical Research, Large Scale Clinical Data Repositories, Clinical Bioinformatics. The student will usually work closely with one or more of the Physician Fellows at the Laboratory who are part of the NLM sponsored Medical Informatics Training Program. The course will make students aware of the potentials and problems of computer applications and familiarize them with the literature and other activities of the laboratory in their area of interest. Students will have a brief but intensive exposure to a particular computer application in medicine and the opportunity to develop and implement a particular project of mutual interest. Prior approval from course director is required, please email to Dr.Chueh