Human Functional Anatomy

Credits: 4 CREDITS (Basic Science)
Sites: HMS
Director(s): Trudy Van Houten
Prerequisites: Enrollment priority provided to HST students; others by permission.
Offered: Fall.
Location: HMS - Harvard Medical School (0)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: Lectures, detailed laboratory dissections, and prosections provide a thorough exploration of the gross structure and function of the human body. Fundamental principles of bioengineering are employed to promote analytical approaches to understanding the body's design. The embryology of major organ systems is presented, together with certain references to phylogenetic development, as a basis for comprehending anatomical complexity. Correlation clinics stress both normal and abnormal functions of the body; guest lecturers focus on current problems in organ system research. Cross listed with GSAS as MedSci250ab.