Medical Mandarin

Credits: 0.50 CREDITS (Non-Clinical Elective)
Directors: Qin, Shan
Offered: Fall and Spring
Time: TMEC 309
Location: 09/06/2011- 11/29/2011; TU; 6:30- 8:00 PM; 02/07/2012- 05/08/2012; TU; 6:30- 8:00 PM
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
The Medical Mandarin Class will meet once a week for one and half hours on every Tuesday evening. The first forty-five minutes of the class will focus on didactic and lecture-based instruction. Students will learn common clinical terminology and phrases related to the specific lecture topic of that week. The second half of the class will be devoted to interactive learning in order to reinforce the material learned in the first half of class. Students will have the opportunity to practice their Medical Mandarin speaking and listening skills with various guest tutors (who are faculty and staff from affiliated research laboratories and hospitals) in small groups using a series of mock clinical scenarios. Students will conduct medical interviews in Mandarin and, as the class progresses, will accumulate experience and proficiency. The Medical Mandarin Course will be taught at an intermediate instruction level. We felt that students with a significant conversational background in Mandarin already were the most able to benefit from such a course. Given the busy schedule of medical students and the lack of time for intensive language study, the course would provide those experienced students with an excellent opportunity to refresh their skills and synthesize newly learned medical knowledge with Mandarin. This is not to say that introductory language classes are not important, because once the Medical Mandarin Course is well-established, we would be more than happy to incorporate a beginner’s class from any student who is interested in the language. Our language instructors are faculty and staff members of the HMS community including affiliated hospitals and research laboratories. The classes will be taught in Mandarin Chinese, with English and Pinyin used at a minimum to facilitate understanding and true immersion.
Learning Goals:
1) To develop a thorough understanding of medical Mandarin and Chinese culture through language study. Students will learn to understand and communicate orally using common medical Chinese word terms and expressions, such as Wei(3) Yan(1), Bai (2) Xue (4) Bing (4).
2) Students will develop basic language skills enabling them to communicate effectively with Mandarin-speaking patients.
3) Classes will facilitate the development of independent Mandarin learning skills via Internet tools and other resources.
4) Cross cultural medical care
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
Basic science will be reviewed when a respective disease is discussed in Mandarin. Pathogenesis of some disease will be mentioned.
Each student will interview a tutor patient, using Mandarin. Grade will be evaluated by the faculties teaching this course (2-3 faculties/group).
Grade Criteria:
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