Core Clerkship Surgery

Credits: 12.00 CREDITS (Clinical Core)
Directors: Evenson, Amy Rachel; James, Benjamin C.; Kent, Tara Sotsky; Odom, Stephen R; Olasky, Jaisa
Prerequisites: Year III standing
Offered: Offered July, October, January and April.
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Center for Clinical Education Classrooms
Night Call: Every third night.
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
BIDMC's Core Clerkship in Surgery places third year students in an active learning environment. to help them:
- Recognize & manage common surgical problems,
- Understand the nature of surgical diseases & when patients need referral to a surgeon
- Understand surgery as a curative and /or palliative agent in the treatment of disease
Students participate in patient care in a variety of settings (office, clinic, inpatient ward, operating room). General Surgery rotations are 6 weeks in duration, with assignments at the BIDMC, Mt. Auburn , and Children's Hospital. Two 2-week "selectives" expose students to problems that are common and best taught by specialists, help develop skills at evaluation and PE of patient problems in these areas, and develop a sense of when patients need referral to specialists. An introductory orientation week is supplemented by weekly didactic sessions focused on topics in general surgery. Students also attend a variety of departmental conferences.
Evaluation by faculty & residents on knowledge base, clinical performance, professional behavior, oral presentation, written & oral exams
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