Core Clerkship Psychiatry

Credits: 4.00 CREDITS (Clinical Core)
Sites: McLH
Directors: Griswold, Todd Richardson; Roseman, John; Stoklosa, Joseph Brian
Prerequisites: Year III standing
Offered: Full time for one month. Not offered, September.
Time: 9:00 am
Location: McLean Hospital, Administrative Bld., Rm 223
Night Call: Until 10:00 pm.
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
The clerkship at McLean Hospital will expose students to a wide range of psychopathology in order to facilitate recognition and management of psychiatric disorders encountered in the practice of medicine. Diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic considerations (for both hospitalized and non-hospitalized psychiatric patients) will be emphasized. A seminar on the biomedical aspects and pharmacologic treatments of the major psychoses will be presented. An introduction to psychodynamic psychiatry is provided through case discussions and seminars. Each student will be assigned a tutor with whom he/she will meet twice a week, as well as supervisors who will oversee their clinical work. Students will also be integrated onto the Clinical Evaluation Center where they will interview patients referred for immediate assessment. Students may elect clinical experiences on various specialty services, including bipolar psychotic disorders, geriatrics, substance abuse, child and adolescent , Partial Hospital Program and others. Exposure to research in neuropsychiatry may also be arranged. While students are expected to master a core knowledge base in psychiatry, they are encouraged to communicate with the Clerkship Director before the rotation begins, so that their individual interests can be addressed.

Clinical performance, written work, seminar participation, discussion of cases, assessment exercise. Final Exam.
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