Primary Care Clerkship

Credits: 4.00 CREDITS (Clinical Core)
Sites: VAR
Directors: Cunningham, Rebecca J.; Seward, Susan Jane; Wood, Karen Dee
Prerequisites: 6 months of clinical clerkships.
Offered: September - April - Year III
Location: MEC 227
Night Call: Afternoons only.
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
The Primary Care Clerkship provides a learning experience in the office practice of primary care and an opportunity to work with patients over time. Students will see patients with primary care physicians (general internists, general pediatricians, family physicians and others) three afternoons per month, and participate in a central curriculum one afternoon per month, for nine months starting in January of year III. Sites are HMS affiliated hospitals and in the community. Students will work with a panel of patients, some of whom are chosen because they require frequent visits for active medical problems. The longitudinal nature of the course allows students to practice preventive care, observe how patient's circumstances (such as expectations and social support) change over time, and to use time as a diagnostic test and treatment.
By clerkship leaders based on information provided by clinical preceptors and small group tutors, and on a final longitudinal project.
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